Andria's Vision

I love Norfolk. I love our history, our diversity, our unique neighborhoods and our urban core.  I love being able to walk or ride my bike to schools, shops, restaurants, cultural events, and places of worship.  Norfolk is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family.  That’s why my family chose to move to Norfolk more than a decade ago, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

But I am concerned that more families, individuals, and companies aren’t making the choice to call Norfolk home.  

I want to return our schools to the nationally-recognized education system it once was, so that more families move to Norfolk to raise their children — and not leave for school systems elsewhere.  I want to ensure that Norfolk is the best city in Virginia in which to do business by supporting local business and attracting new ones – bringing both jobs and economic prosperity to our fair city.  I want more people to choose Norfolk because of our access to the water — and not depart because of flooded streets. And, I want to see more people moving to Norfolk for its vibrancy and unique quality of life by enhancing our parks, ensuring safe and accessible bike paths and walking trails, and supporting our great cultural offerings. 

Quite simply, I want to give it all I’ve got to ensure that Norfolk becomes one of the fastest growing cities, not only in Virginia, but along the entire East Coast.  I want to work with you, my fellow citizens and community leaders, to make this a reality.  And, selfishly, in doing so, I hope to create a city in which my sons will want to raise their own families someday.

I love Norfolk. I choose Norfolk. Do you? Let’s work together to GROW Norfolk! Here are my plans for the future: